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Marchelle Smith

Marchelle Smith


Marchelle Smith is multi-talented bringing almost 12 years of downtown revitalization expertise and over 22 years of high-level business management experience.  Marchelle keeps everything running seamlessly at the Lansing Economic Development Corporation, whether it is managing the organization’s complicated financial reporting and operations or pioneering and spearheading a Downtown Design Committee targeted towards revitalization efforts. 

Marchelle has been responsible for implementing and administering several programs including Revolving Business Loan Programs, Arts and Culture Sense of Place Grant programming,  Downtown Façade Improvement Grant program, a Business Sign Grant Pilot program and an Arts & Culture Matching Loan Fund program to name a few.  She has led the way in the utilization of the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone program for the construction and rehabilitation of several housing developments throughout the city.  Marchelle excels at every project at hand and takes the necessary steps to launch projects successfully.  She has been active on several committees and is constantly involved in volunteer work.  Outside of the office, Marchelle loves watching sunsets, enjoys visiting harbor towns, golfing and spending time with her husband, Michael.

To contact Marchelle:
517.702.3387 x 201

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(517) 702-3387

1000 S. Washington Ave Suite 201 Lansing, MI 48910


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