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Lansing's Red Cedar project to be topic of public meeting

LANSING — Lansing-area residents will be able to hear from the developers behind a proposed project at the city’s closed Red Cedar Golf Course during a public forum Wednesday.

The event will be the first of three public planning sessions, called charrettes, that will be held through the spring to discuss the estimated $125 million development project known as “Red Cedar Renaissance.”

Lansing developer Joel Ferguson has proposed a mix of housing, restaurants, retail, a hotel and recreation near the Red Cedar River. He is working with Frank Kass, chairman of Columbus, Ohio-based Continental Real Estate Cos., who replaced former development partner Chris Jerome.

Ferguson would not release specific details of his vision for the project ahead of the session.

“We’re going to show them what we’re going to do,” he said of the meeting. “I hope that they endorse it.”

Developers will pay $28,500 to bring in a team of consultants to lead the charrettes, as well as pull together feedback into a final report, said Steve Willobee, business development director with regional economic development agency Lansing Economic Area Partnership Inc.

Under a pre-development agreement signed with the city of Lansing, developers have until March 15 to hold two such input sessions. LEAP said a third will be scheduled later in the spring.

Wednesday’s event will be mostly introductions and discussion about the next steps in the development process, Willobee said. Latter sessions will be more devoted to public feedback.

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Lansing Center. A website has been created for the Red Cedar project. More details will be added in coming weeks and months. Visit it at


Lansing State Journal, February 12, 2014

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