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City of Lansing Announced Two Italian Companies Successfully Recruited to the Lansing Region

LANSING, MI – At tonight’s State of the City Address, Mayor Bernero will announce two Italian firms that have plans to locate their North American operations in the Lansing region. Both companies, SAET and SATIZ, will open their first North American offices in the Lansing region in the coming months.  LEAP worked closely with the Mayor’s office to assist the companies as they chose the Lansing region.

Beginning as a prospect of Mayor Bernero and the City of Lansing, SAET Group, which is based in Turin, Italy was introduced to LEAP’s Attraction Department for further site location assistance  within the region. SAET which is a manufacturer of induction heat treating equipment, will begin operations in multiple states beginning with a Lansing sales and service office and will produce up to a projected 40 jobs over 3 years. LEAP is currently working with the company to identify space throughout the region that would make a good fit for each stage of business growth.

Through the relationship with SAET Group, another Italian firm, SATIZ, was introduced by Mayor Bernero and LEAP to the Lansing region and will open up their North American offices in the Lansing region as well. SATIZ is a multi-faceted business communications firm which will begin with a technical publishing office and will create 20 jobs in the next 2 years.  

Currently both companies are working with LEAP to identify options for space throughout the region that will fit their needs for growth. Both deals were completed on a recent visit to Italy by LEAP and Mayor Bernero. Mayor Bernero’s portion of the trip was funded separately from LEAP.

“Lansing is an international region. A region that can effectively compete and participate in the global market place. These two Italian firms are a nice start to LEAP’s Business Foreign Investment Attraction Program,” said Bob Trezise, President and CEO of LEAP. “We want to commend Mayor Bernero for thinking regionally and engaging LEAP to help attract these companies to the Lansing region.”

Mayor Bernero will introduce both companies on stage at the State of City Address tonight and will continue to play an important role in the future growth of these regional companies.


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