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STRAmetrics currently partners with organizations to improve the functioning of their people system using proven organizational change methods and cutting edge data analysis and visualization tools. Rick DeShon at STRAmetrics provided us with insights on how his business began and where it is going...

TIC: Who had the idea for the business, how did you get it started, and how did you find out about the TIC?

Rick: Karen and I formed the idea of the business about 2 years ago.  It took a year of planning to set the stage for our launch.  We learned about the TIC through our interactions with Prima Civitas and Steve Webster.

TIC: Was there anything you wish you would have known about starting a business when you first began?

Rick: How hard it would be to find tech talent in the Lansing area.  We've had to pivot our business model to better align with the software development scene in Lansing.

TIC: What is something that sets you apart from other businesses like yours?

Rick: At our core we're an organizational development business.  We help organizations thrive by helping them optimize the functioning of their people systems and people strategies.  What sets us apart is our technological approach to answering questions about people systems and

interacting with our clients in compelling ways.

TIC: Where would you like to see yourself in a year?

Rick: At the TIC!  This is a great place to launch a business.  Great people.  Great support.  Great location.

TIC: Do you have any suggestions for new startups or existing entrepreneurs?

Rick: Just start.  You can't figure it all out before hand.  Start doing something, see what works, and do more of that.

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