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The Business-Friendly Community

that you and your employees will be happy to call home

Did you know

Did you know

Did you know:

Lansing is a global community.

Lansing is a diverse, robust capital city with a multitude of strong vibrant neighborhoods. Lansing speaks 63 different languages, is home to New York level entertainment venues, Wharton Center and the Edythe and Eli Broad Art Museum, and offers either small town living or urban city living options. 

Save time in your daily commute to be with family and friends... 

If you made the Lansing region your home as well as your place of work, you would spend an hour less in the car each day during your commute. In total, this would equate to 11 days of your life not spent in the car on your way to and from work each year.

The Greater Lansing region is within a two-hour drive of 90% of Michigan’s population, and within a day’s drive of a substantial portion of the U.S. population.  A strong multi-modal transportation network makes it easy to move production materials or finished products, and connects you with suppliers, customers and employees.

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