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Insurance Services & InsurTech

The Lansing region is the hub of Michigan's growing insurance sector and a logical home base for industry leaders. With employment growth of 23% over the last five years, the Lansing region's insurance sector grew at a rate of 10x the national average and leads every metropolitan area in Michigan in insurance sector growth. Companies located or locating to the Lansing region enjoy a robust and connected talent pipeline from K-12 to advanced degrees, providing access to a highly-skilled and sustainable workforce. Lansing is also growing and supporting InsurTech startups to spur innovation and support the development of insurance technologies.

Agricultural Technology and Food Innovation

In the Greater Lansing counties of Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham, agriculture contributes approximately $450 million each year to our local economy and more than 5,000 jobs to our residents. Economic development planning on a regional level that views the agricultural sector as an asset and supports agriculture industries will help our communities ensure their prosperity.

Accelerator Technologies

Through the presence of Michigan State University’s National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL), the development of the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) as well as the presence of a few acceleration centered private sector businesses located within the Lansing region, the community is quickly developing into a hub for acceleration technologies making Lansing the World’s Accelerator Region. It is important to us to support this quickly developing industry as we the need for additional specific skills sets and talent will arise. 

Life Science & BioMedical

Life science and biomedical research is driving exciting innovation with the potential to change our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine—and it’s happening right here in the Lansing region. As home to one of the world’s leading research universities, Michigan State University, the Lansing region has a national presence in life science research and biotechnology field and an excellent reputation for seamlessly taking technology from the laboratory to the marketplace. Discover the difference a location in our area can make for your company.

Health Care

The Greater Lansing area is a hub for Michigan health care innovation and smarter health care delivery. We’re home to Michigan State University, which boasts some of the country’s best medical programs and is recognized national for providing top-notch care in a variety of general and specialty areas. Discover how Greater Lansing health care organizations are delivering on the promises of science, without forgetting the importance of compassion.

Information Technology

While the Lansing area might be better known for its industrial heritage, we’ve quickly become a leader in the information technology (IT) revolution. In fact, our state is the country’s 4th-largest high-tech employer and a number of local IT companies made the 2009 Inc. 5000 list of the country’s fastest growing private companies. As IT continues to play a vital role across industries, IT companies in Greater Lansing are well positioned to cater to the increasing amount of businesses all around Michigan searching for IT assistance.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing has been a cornerstone of the Lansing regional economy for more than a century. Today we’re leveraging the labor skills and equipment of our extensive manufacturing companies to help an increasingly diverse range of industries become completive players in the dynamic international marketplace.

Supply Chain & Logistics

The advantages of having a business location in the Lansing area set us apart from other business locations. Not every area is within a day’s drive of half the population of the U.S. and Canada—but that’s only one advantage. Other advantages of a business location in the Lansing area are a superior transportation network, a skilled and plentiful workforce, logistics-friendly infrastructure and the expertise of Michigan State University’s internationally known supply chain management program—ranked #2 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report for both its undergrad and graduate programs.

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