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The Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is a nonprofit organization established in 1976 for the purpose of attracting, expanding and retaining business and industry in the City of Lansing. We manage the LEDC through a contract with the City of Lansing. This page provides information about past LEDC projects and projects currently underway.

More information about the LEDC, including specific goals and benefits to businesses, can be found on the City of Lansing website.

View a PDF of the LEDC 2019 Annual Report here.

Projects Summaries by Year

LEDC Project 2018.pdf

LEDC Project 2017.pdf

LEDC Project 2016.pdf

LEDC Project 2015.pdf

LEDC Project 2013.pdf

LEDC Project 2012.pdf

LEDC Project 2011.pdf

LEDC Project 2010.pdf

LEDC Project 2009.pdf

LEDC Project 2008.pdf

LEDC Project 2007.pdf

LEDC Project 2006.pdf

Historical Project Summary

LEDC Projects Summary 2006 - 2015.pdf



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