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What is Business Incubation?

Incubation programs provide entrepreneurs with curriculum, mentorship, and networking opportunities while also helping to foster an ecosystem that is conducive to business growth, while lowering initial overhead costs. Incubators allow entrepreneurs to share sophisticated resources within a learning environment by interacting with others in their commercial sector.

Aside from reasonably priced office space, other incubator resource offerings include:

  • Professional Mentors
  • Entrepreneurial & Collaborative Environment
  • Networking Events
  • Licensed Software
  • Modern Facility Amenities
  • State-of-the-Art Conference Rooms

What is The RING?

The RING | Lansing's Innovation Network is a network of business incubators and startup resources that are able to connect and coordinate a wider range of community and regional expertise and resources, share specialized services and training, and create operational savings compared with stand‐alone incubators.
The RING leverages multiple incubators and offers a wide range of advantages, including:

• Sharing solutions and best practices • Cohesive management across the network
• Public relations, marketing, and unified branding • Grow economically depressed areas
• Being part of a greater regional economic plan • Economies of scale • Referrals and training

Business Incubators in The RING:

Why is The RING critical to Greater Lansing?

The goal of the The RING is to support and streamline incubation efforts by harnessing entrepreneurial activity and strengthening the regional entrepreneurial eco-system by promoting start-up collaboration, education, and creative action.

Business Incubation is an important element in economic strategies further promoting innovation and job creation in Greater Lansing.

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