What type of assistance do you need?

In 1 sentence, please provide a short description of your business

In more detail, what does your company do or make?
How does your company make money (or intend to make money)? Explain your business model.
How many hours per week do you spend on your business?
How much revenue do you currently generate per month?
How many customers or users does your business have?
Who is your ideal customer/user?
Describe your closest competitor. (‘I have no competitors’ is not an acceptable answer.)
How long have you been working on your idea/business?
Have you registered your company with the state?
If so, what is your company’s LARA Identification Number?
How big is your team?
If you have incorporated your business, what type of entity is it?
Have you launched your business?
Do you have an executive summary and/or business plan?
Do you have a working prototype of product or service?
Have you received any outside funding (Equity, Debt or Grant Funding) for your product/company? If so, how much?
Where did you hear about LEAP?
What is your next business milestone?
What resources do you need to achieve your next milestone?
Are you willing to supply us limited financial information (Monthly Revenue, Hiring of Employees, Personal Investment)?