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About Start Chart

Together with our partners, LEAP is working to accelerate not just business, but the entire Global Lansing region into one of the nation’s leading and most exciting global economic engines, full of diverse opportunities to create wealth, investment, jobs, innovation, and ideas for the benefit of all.

LEAP assists entrepreneurs in shaping ideas, moving products and services to market, and helping businesses grow. Start Chart is a resource designed to help with this process.

How can the Start Chart Help Me?

The Start Chart is a resource guide that helps entrepreneurs navigate the startup community within the Global Lansing region. Your business stage will determine what resources are available to you.
Start Chart separates entrepreneurship into three phases: Idea, Startup, and Growth. You will find profiles and a list of resources appropriate for each phase within the booklet, along with a useful set of exercises to get you, you guessed it—started!

Choose A Business Phase

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