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The current mix of Technology Innovation Center (TIC) tenants include:

AdLuminate is building an online platform to connect buyers and sellers of traditional advertising space and services

Cognite Labs |
Cognite Labs is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in building data-driven applications for the mobile web.

EAM Staffing |
 We know where top sales talent hides and how to find them. We also understand the complexity around how to decide what profile to look for. We proactively reach out, gauge interest and assess the fit with our clients' job function requirements.
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories
Cognite Labs is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in building data-driven applications for the mobile web.

Lettuce Live Well
501 (c)(3) that leads community health challenges and offers free individual and group health support for people of all ages and demographics.

LabSys LLC

LabSys scientists and engineers are endowed with unique capabilities in microelectronics, micro-fabrication and life sciences to deliver our customers with unmatched integral solutions.Based on Michigan’s world-class universities resources, LabSys has built strong a bonding of academic knowledge pool with industry to transfer knowledge to economic growth

LooUQ |

LooUQ is a software\services enterprise developing the tools to enable Internet of Things (IoT) adopters to be more productive, focused, and effective.  LooUQ… Enabling Your Internet of Things.
Piezonix has invented a self-powered Piezo-Floating Gate (PFG) sensors that continuously monitor “smart structures and machines” for health and mechanical usage to improve operation efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.

Retia Medical |

Retia Medical is a medical device company that develops and sells software and hardware for patient monitoring.




We partner with organizations to improve the functioning of their people system using proven organizational change methods and cutting edge data analysis and visualization tools. 


Venturit Inc.
Venturit Inc. is an Information Technology consulting firm based in East Lansing, Michigan. Venturit has extensive experience building web and mobile applications, including complex databases, for groups in the private and public sector. Venturit team leadership has more than 40 years of combined software development experience.

Xede Consulting Group,Inc.

Xede focuses on evolving each customer's business strategy, transformations to increase revenue, higher Net-Promoter-Scores, and creating distinct competitive advantage.


Virtual Tenants

The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center (TIC) has launched the new Virtual Tenant program to further extend the support and resources offered at the TIC to a larger community of entrepreneurs.

Essentially, virtual tenants will be offered all the perks of a traditional TIC members with the exception of office space. Perks of the virtual tenant membership will include access to the TIC conference rooms, printing and faxing services and a business mailing address. Virtual tenants will also be included in monthly TIC tenant meetings and will be able to tap into other services and programming assistance offered to traditional TIC tenants. 

Those interested in becoming a virtual tenant can contact Quin D. Stinchfield at LEAP,  (517) 702-3387, The program is outlined in the TIC Handbook.

Fitness Metrics, LLC

Fitness Metrics is a fitness technology company in the residential and commercial fitness market. We're working on developing our first product that will change the world.

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