Amp Coworking: Building a Supportive and Inclusive Community

Kate Snyder, CEO and Founder of Piper & Gold Public Relations, shares the inspiring story behind Amp Coworking—an innovative workspace that embodies the principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, and accessibility.

0:18 What is Amp Coworking?
2:00 What does it mean to be an inclusive space?
3:53 Who should we expect to see working in the space?
5:00 What amenities does Amp Coworking offer?
7:03 Is there a contract to reserve your spot?
8:41 Why Amp Coworking?

Meet Amp: Lansing’s first inclusive coworking space!





The interview dives into how Amp Coworking was born out of the team’s commitment to DEIA efforts and their desire to take meaningful action rather than just being performative.

Kate also reveals how working with the entrepreneurs of LEAP’s One and All program sparked the idea to provide more opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs and remote workers in the Lansing region. She emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming and accepting workspace for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and remote workers who often struggle to find an inclusive environment.

Throughout the interview, Kate highlights the core values of Amp Coworking—embracing diversity in all its forms, including body shape and size, and actively normalizing conversations around accommodations for hidden disabilities. Kate talks about the education aspect of Amp Coworking, which sets it apart from other shared spaces. Members will be provided opportunities to expand their knowledge on a range of topics relevant to their business and personal growth.

Located conveniently in REO Town, Lansing, Amp Coworking is nestled within the vibrant community, offering convenient access to local amenities and the scenic River Trail.

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Photos of the coworking space below.

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