Aurelia Cisneros




About Aurelia

What is your business/idea?

My business idea is to create a gym that is inclusive and welcoming for everyone. I want to make a space for people who are trying to change their lives for the better.

What inspired you to start a business?

Honestly I was tired of how I was being treated when I worked out at a gym. I did not feel comfortable or welcome so I wanted to create a space that did exactly that, welcomed you.

How did you get to the point you are with this business/idea?

I have gotten to the point I am now by hard work and dedication. I have always been an athlete so coaching came naturally, my wife has helped me with the marketing and other aspects I was unfamiliar with.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

My vision for the future of my business is help Lansing change. To reach as many people as possible. To give children an outlet and have them learn how to defend themselves. To help adults learn to live a healthy life and pass it on.

What goals do you hope the One and All program will help you acheive?

The goals I hope to achieve is to understand how to better change my business during this pandemic. To use technology to my advantage and get others to join in on virtual sessions.

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