Foreign Direct Investment

Land in Lansing, Michigan

LEAP offers “soft landing” assistance for international companies looking to establish or expand their global presence in Lansing. This assistance can include site selection aid as well as specialized tools, resources and support to meet the unique challenges — and opportunities — of foreign direct investment (FDI).

Why FDI?

For early-stage companies, expanding into the United States is often essential to landing top talent, natural resources, research partners and more that is critical to maximizing the company’s growth and potential.

The role of an economic development organization, such as LEAP, is to make the match between companies looking at FDI and the region it serves — connecting companies with the local resources and support they need to be successful, seeking out the perfect site and helping bridge any cultural gaps to ensure foreign investors are able to acclimate, function and ultimately thrive in a new environment.

FDI Project Highlights