Byron Pepper



Board & Bean

About Byron

I have always been a board gamer and I heard of a business that combined my love of games and a cafe/restaurant up in Toronto, called Snakes and Lattes. They have been super successful, and it has been something that I have wanted to bring to my local community for years now. I am excited to bring back social time as more than just going to a bar or going to the Lugnuts game in Lansing.

Lots of research and help along the way has helped Board and Bean get to where it is today. I have dedicated much of my spare time to research, in order to impress anyone who wants to see this idea grow as much as I do. I’ve worked with the SBDC and the SBA several times, and even with the Capital Area District Library for demographic analysis and advice.

I want the Board and Bean to be a business that helps people come together. I want a safe place for families to gather and make memories, a place where quirky and amazing groups like punk knitting circles can find a home to express themselves and find others who share their passions.

One&All is a program that can help me learn from others who have been in my situation to overcome challenges I haven’t even thought of yet, connect with others in the business community who can help me financially get off the ground, and make my business a cornerstone of the community.