Courtney Bankhead


Paynes Gang Productions

About Courtney

What is your business/idea?

I am looking to start a production company, where we would provide books, music, and art to the Lansing area

What inspired you to start a business?

We started this business to show our young children that they can create opportunities by following their creative passions. Now we are looking to one day expand and provide our production company services to the Lansing Area

How did you get to the point you are today with this business/idea?

We research often how to start a business and we have been applying the knowledge that we learned and we ended up with a registered business with the State, an EIN, and DUNS Number for a business checking account which will be our next steps.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

Our vision for the future is to overall create entertaining but also motivational video content, to promote our business and family lifestyle.

What goals do you hope the One and All program will help you achieve?

Goals that we have for our business that the One and All program can assist with would be checking to see if the category we chose to register our business under is the best option for us, also any knowledge on starting a website and what we should include on our website, and lastly mentorship overall would be greatly appreciated just to make sure we are on the right track for making our business a reality.