Deanna Ray-Brown

Everything Is Cheesecake


New flavors of cheesecake daily

Fresh baked cookies

Customizable lemonade.


Located at: 

5443 South Cedar Street, Lansing, Mi 48911

About Deanna

Deanna Ray-Brown is the owner and founder of Everything is Cheesecake, a niche bakery shoppe that specializes in custom and creative cheesecakes, gourmet chocolate and peanut butter cookies, as well as fresh squeezed lemonade with several flavor add ins. Her business began as a food truck and currently exists in a new physical brick and mortar location. The talk of the town, Deanna’s cheesecakes have a tendency to sell out!


Why Lansing?

I love Lansing! This city helped shape me into the woman I am today. I was born and raised here, and I am happy to serve the community which I came from.