Deardra Westfall



Nature’s 92

About Deardra

I was inspired to start Nature’s 92 LC to share my knowledge of natural options that are accessible at any price point. Primarily, that the quest for a healthy lifestyle can be obtained holistically for the average person when using sea moss. From there, I started to research sea moss and how to purchase. In that research I learned that the production of sea moss gel for consumption/topical use is a simple process. I bought 5 lbs of dried sea moss, made a facial mask, recorded a video of me using the mask to Facebook and sales started.

Soon I would like to add more flavored sea moss smoothies, an armpit detox and natural deodorant to my product line, all while seeking to cement generational wealth for my family. My goals in completing the One&All program are to understand the financial logistics, managing taxes, managing shipping options, domain/website production and social media management.