Desiree Kirkland



City Treasurer and Income Tax Administrator, City of Lansing

About Desiree

Desiree has a long career in both the public and private financial sectors. She previously served as Grant Accountant, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Contract and Financial Manager, Ingham County Health Department; Business Administrator for Tabernacle of David Church; Internal Auditor, Michigan Supreme Court; Chief Deputy Treasurer, Ingham County; Deputy Treasurer, Wayne County; Assistant Treasurer, Barton Hills Village; Accounting Instructor, Lansing Community.

A life-long Michigander, Desiree earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Ferris State University, Master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Grand Canyon University and she is currently pursuing a MBA from Davenport University.  She is a Certified Public Funds Investment Manager and a Michigan Certified Professional Treasurer.

A business owner and entrepreneur, she is passionate about encouraging women to fulfill their dreams. This passion led to her development of Women in Action-(WIN), a professional Christian women’s organization in 2009.

She currently serves on the Michigan Women in Finance board and LMTS Community Outreach Service board.   She is actively involved with Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association and was actively involved with Lansing Community College Advisory Board of Coalition for College and Career Readiness (C3R), The Davies Project and Tabernacle of David Church Board.

As a wife, mother of four sons, one daughter in-love and granddaughter; her heart (Wren).  Desiree is committed to building and strengthening relationships.