Dymon Wilson

The Sista Stu


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Elevate is a comprehensive 6-month accelerator program that empowers, refines, enhances, and scales Black businesses. It offers individualized business assessments, customized workplan development, and one-on-one technical assistance.

Why Lansing?
It’s our home city. It’s only right to give back and pour into our community.

What inspired you to start a business?
We started Sista Stu with the main goal of providing a space for our community to come together and bring their creative ideas to life. Our ultimate desire is to make a positive impact and move each other forward in profound ways, creating meaningful changes in people’s lives within our community.

What is your vision for the future of your business?
We envision a future for Sista Stu that aligns with our inspiration. Our goal is to foster a strong bond with our community, promoting healthier lifestyles, mindfulness, and a safe and reliable space for engaging in enjoyable activities.

What goals do you hope the Elevate program will help you achieve?
We are currently at the initial stages of establishing our business foundation and navigating the processes required for a successful venture. To create a more solid foundation for success, we will utilize the business consulting, resources, and connections provided by the Elevate program, which will be of great assistance to The Sista Stu.