Intern Project Update: DJ Seaton

By DJ Seaton

This certainly has been quite a journey so far. I have finally finished up my work on the 2020 LEDC Annual Report. When working on that report, I discovered that I really need a bigger screen because I sometimes had 5+ windows open and had to jump back and forth between them. I think it might be time to invest in a second monitor.

My contribution to the report consisted of mostly formatting the pictures and text within the pages, which may seem simple, but can be very frustrating and time-consuming. I had to make use of the undo button countless times.

As for my next/current project, I am combing through previous projects to figure out what works. I am searching for any correlations between location, project type, business type and investment to see what and where we need to focus our efforts. I am hoping to tie this into the reuse of buildings that way the city and businesses can save money on doing construction instead of creating a brand-new building. Not only this, but it could save room for bigger and better projects in the future.

I have saved countless governmental and private research reports on the topic and will be sorting through them to find evidence for my claim that the reuse of buildings will be far better than new construction. Using the data gathered from previous projects, I will then tie the reuse of buildings into it to decide on which business type should be focused on and in what location.

I have mostly finished collecting the data needed and just need to polish up some areas and plan to start drafting a report very soon. I plan to use Word to create a full research paper and then filter it down into a PowerPoint for an easier-to-digest presentation.

Using the formatting skills I learned while working on the 2020 LEDC Annual Report, I should not run into many issues in terms of creating this report…hopefully.