Jen Estill



Principal and Creative Director, Redhead Design Studio

About Jen

Jen Estill is principal and creative director at Redhead Design Studio, a marketing, branding and creative strategy shop in Old Town. Last month, Redhead launched a new brand and campaign for the City of Lansing. The rebrand campaign involved defining Lansing’s identity and brand, designing a new look and feel for the City (including a logo, which will exist alongside the city seal), showcasing Lansing residents through the “My Kind of People” social media campaign, coordinating branded merchandise and developing a website to house Mayor Andy Schor’e 2030 Vision (lansingforward.com).

A resident of Lansing’s Tecumseh River Neighborhood, Jen lives and works in the city. She started Redhead Design Studio in 2000, out of a spare bedroom with $200 and a Macintosh. Since then, she’s grown the business to work with more than 200 clients at local, statewide and national levels. She can discuss the strategy behind the brand, from a marketing, branding and design perspective.