Kaila Perkins



Coach Perky Fitness

About Kaila

Coach Perky Fitness was founded in 2020 by Kaila Perkins, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Minor in Personal Health at Arizona State University.

Over the years, she has found that by incorporating fitness and proper supplementation into her daily routine, life has changed for the better. It is Kaila’s desire to facilitate this same experience for both men and women who have had similar struggles feeling confident in their own skin, and to provide support to those who desire to implement lasting change. She has participated in pitching competitions, applied for grants, promoted her brand through workouts and delivered speaking engagements to make this dream a reality.

Kaila’s vision is to partner with other local business that also promote health and physical/mental wellness (chiropractors, therapists, nutritionists, massage therapists, fitness instructors, etc.) to showcase businesses in the Lansing area and to inform people of the benefits of implementing wellness services as a part of their normal routine. During the One&All program, Kaila hopes to learn how to apply tools to run a successful business in all areas such as accounting and marketing to grow her platform.