Leah Ellis




About Leah

What is your business/idea?

A caused based company designed to create residual income for my foundation.

What inspired you to start a business?

My personal life struggles and passion to help others with similar backgrounds.

How did you get to the point you are today with this business/idea?

I’ve used my savings to hire a marketing firm for branding and reached out to departments at MSU that I had established ties to help.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

My vision is to make leahmonet an established brand in all universities and colleges nationally and internationally.

What goals do you hope the One and All program will help you achieve?

I hope to receive advise with business expansion with regards to the operations of the company and communications and marketing.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

I am very passionate about my work and am excited to begin this journey.


Watch Leah’s business pitch: