LEAP Awarded Defense Industry Growth Regional Grant

LEAP Awarded Defense Industry Growth Regional Grant

LEAP Acquires Funding from MEDC to Assist in Expanding and Growing Key Defense and Homeland Security Industry Growth Sectors in Michigan

LANSING, Mich. – The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) has been awarded a Defense Industry Growth Regional Grant from the MEDC to assist the MEDC and the Michigan Defense Center in expanding and growing key defense and homeland security industry growth sectors across Michigan. These sectors include 3D printing, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, autonomous aerial systems, autonomous ground systems, cybersecurity, robotics and others that may pertain to our specific region. Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties have been identified by MEDC as having potential for growth in these industries, which contributed to the approval of LEAP’s successful grant application.

LEAP has contracted with Marsha Madle of Madle Consulting Services, LLC, who will lead the development of an industry report and all project work surrounding the grant. Ms. Madle will be building a feasibility study that includes asset mapping, a SWOT analysis and a strategic action plan based on survey responses, company interviews, and meetings with industry leaders and resource providers. The purpose of the study is to capture the impact defense and homeland security industries currently have in the Lansing region and to identify paths toward growth of the defense cluster.

Madle will be reaching out to known defense contracting companies, as well as those who may be capable of but are not yet participating in this industry. The data collected will be aggregated in such a way as to protect any company-specific confidentiality.

“We are often surprised to learn of companies doing tremendous business under federal contracts, many of them related to defense,” said Bob Trezise, President and CEO of LEAP. “It is our hope that this grant and resulting activity and report will help us better understand and support a growing defense cluster across the Lansing region.”

LEAP will share the final report with partners and company stakeholders across the region and state in order to raise awareness and create more continuity in supporting the defense and homeland security cluster in the Lansing region. The report should also enable LEAP to serve as a better conduit for exploring collaborative opportunities for companies in defense down the road.


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