LEAP Congratulates Long Time COO on New Position

LEAP is proud to congratulate Steve Willobee, COO of LEAP, on a new professional endeavor!

Through a message from LEAP’s President and CEO Bob Trezise, LEAP expressed gratitude for Willobee’s many contributions over the course of his 6 years with LEAP:

“I wanted to let you know that I was informed by our long time COO Steve Willobee, that he has been pondering and has now accepted, a job offer from a major, national development company. I know it was a very difficulty decision for Steve, as he loves LEAP and is proud of LEAP.

Steve began his work as COO of LEAP in late 2012, and has absolutely given everything he had to LEAP, to me and to us for six years, driving the new, proud LEAP that we all enjoy today. LEAP is fundamentally a great organization, in significant part due to Steve’s tremendous work and dedication. Because of his important contribution to LEAP, I cannot be happier for Steve and his family as he moves on to this next journey. It is well deserved. All I ask of LEAP colleagues, is that they leave it all on the floor here, and win championships. He did that, big time.

Because of the great, statewide reputation of LEAP, and also because the position pays quite well, I am confident that we will be able to bring in a terrific new COO to build on Steve’s legacy and performance. That person won’t be able to replace Steve, but, in their own way, they will excel in new, fun and important ways. We’ll march on to new heights. But I and we will really miss Steve.”

Willobee’s last day with LEAP will be August 24, 2018.