Looking for Innovative Talent? The Lansing Region is the Place to Be

How to use the Lansing region’s existing talent to help your business thrive

Not only is Lansing, along with the surrounding region, America’s best big small city, it’s also the best place for corporate innovation to happen. In recent years, the Lansing region has become a hub for innovation with the potential for talent and growth in areas of auto, agriculture, medical and education, insurance and more.  

Corporate innovation comes from new people with new ideas. According to McKinsey & Co., around 98% of the economy is influenced by digitization and modernization. Now is the time for companies to look toward innovative products to make them resistant to future interruptions. But you don’t have to be a major metropolitan city to find innovation.

In January of this year, a survey found the risk of a recession and attracting and retaining talent were among top concerns of the world’s CEOs. Then, COVID-19 hit, and those concerns became a reality. In a time when businesses are struggling to attract and retain talent, Lansing is full of potential just waiting to be tapped.

The Lansing region is home to Michigan State University (MSU) and Lansing Community College (LCC) where there’s no shortage of talent. People from around the world are coming here to begin or continue their education every day. Even in the virtual space, young professionals and students are still connected to the corporate world. If we invest in the MSU and LCC communities, we can help keep talent in the Lansing region long after their degrees are in hand. 

The Lansing region is home to McLaren Healthcare and Sparrow Health System, two major health systems in the Midwest. From being more efficient in hospital-level treatments to the products and services being offered to those in need, there is a great array of ways innovation will manifest. 

The same can be said about agriculture. Michigan has a thriving agriculture industry in Greater Lansing. MSU’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, represented by the plant and animal science field, remains one of the university’s highest-ranked programs, rising to the No. 7 spot in the world. Greater Lansing is also home to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development – Animal Industry Division. From the different types of crops being produced to existing crops being modified, there is room for innovation happening in all of those spaces. 

Greater Lansing is a hub for insurance as well, having experienced insurance employment growth10 times the national average in recent years. Greater Lansing has a strong insurance cluster, a pipeline of industry-honed talent and insurtech-focused entrepreneurial culture. 

Whether it’s insurance, auto, agriculture, education or medical fields, the amount of growth and talent in Greater Lansing is unprecedented. Each of these industries are looking for change and adaptation. Organizations in the Lansing region have the leadership in place who are willing to take steps to make sure that happens, which adds to the overall success we’ll have in the region. 

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