Meet the Interns: Jack Pedlow

My name is Jack Pedlow, and I am a senior at the University of Michigan. Growing up the son of an AP economics teacher, I have always been surrounded by economics and it has become a passion of mine. I am also very passionate about travel, especially hiking and camping so I developed a strong passion for sustainability. Therefore, I ended up majoring in economics and minoring in environmental science. After graduating in the spring, I plan to continue to pursue a career in economic development, hopefully for a firm that places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability to utilize the skills I am currently learning.

As a proud Michigander, I was extremely excited to apply for a position to help bring growth to our state’s capitol. I believe economic development is much more than just bringing jobs to a location, it is also making the city of Lansing more attractive and strengthening the community, both things I would love to do. I am very proud to have this opportunity and hope to help be a small part of the growth of Lansing.

My project is centered around sustainability. I am first going to be taking the broad definition of sustainability and slimming it down to a clear and concise one through research in order to clearly define what businesses are and aren’t sustainable. From there, I will be showing how they are growing on a local, state, national and international level and identify certain areas with higher growth.

I’ll also be analyzing the Lansing area sustainable market and how it is doing while also comparing it to other regions. I’ll then be finding specific ideas on how the Lansing sustainable sector can grow and finding the ideal locations that we can attract those opportunities from. The last piece I will be doing is finding specific companies and labeling them as opportunities the LEAP business attraction team should target. I’m very excited for this project as it is a great way to learn many different research methods on different scales. I like this as a project because I feel like it is something that will be beneficial for both me and LEAP and is a project I am passionate about.