Meet the Interns: Zach Crawford

Meet the Interns: Zach Crawford

This summer, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to intern with one of the best economic development teams in the country! This opportunity will allow me to expand upon my current knowledge and understanding of the importance of economic development.  To me, economic development goes beyond bringing businesses to an area. Economic development is a combination of business growth, the development of community spaces and bringing people together. Which in turn allows for all community members to flourish and thrive economically and socially.

I am excited to learn about how an economic development project comes to fruition and the multiple layers of planning and coordination which must take place between the public and private sectors before breaking ground. As well as learning about how the various projects impact the economy, atmosphere, and outlook of the surrounding community once they are complete. Understanding these topics will help me positively impact my communities in the future.

If the opportunity to spend a summer learning from and assisting one of the best economic development teams in the nation wasn’t enough to get excited about for my internship! There is the opportunity to use my skills and time to have a long-lasting, positive impact on LEAP, the city of Lansing and the tri-county region, which for me is quite exciting.

My project focuses on creating a proposal expanding the current Lansing Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) website. Through compiling data, testimonials and images connected to major projects completed with assistance from the LEDC. I’m very excited because it allows me to learn about two components of economic development; the planning, execution and outcome of development projects and the importance of effectively communicating this process to the public.

In addition to the website proposal, I will be assisting the Economic Development team with projects around Lansing, including one I am very excited about, Collins Rd. This project will impact Michigan State University, where I am currently attending classes. The thought of returning to the campus in the future and seeing the transformation and development along the road fills me with immense pride!

I am looking forward to a fantastic summer with LEAP!

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