National Entrepreneurs’ Day: Celebrating five successes of PROTO Accelerator

Today, we celebrate PROTO Accelerator cohort members, mentors and partners as we recognize National Entrepreneurs’ Day. 

National Entrepreneurs’ Day was established in 2010 as “a way of showing gratitude and respect to the people who achieved success, sometimes against all odds, and were able to help a lot of people by creating jobs for them in the process.” President Barack Obama declared November Entrepreneurship Month, and National Entrepreneurs’ Day is officially recognized by 47 congressional representatives. 

“PROTO Accelerator has inspired and stimulated innovation and entrepreneurship since its inception,” said Tony Willis, president of PROTO Accelerator. “The partnerships formed through PROTO Accelerator create and retain great paying and diverse jobs for all Michigan citizens, and invite new talent from across the globe to join us as part of the Lansing region’s growing startup community.”

As PROTO Accelerator continues to expand into a multi-industry corporate innovation program, we want to acknowledge the entrepreneurs who achieved success and innovation when PROTO itself was just a startup.


LVLFi offers a platform of apps and games that encourage and reward users to both take more steps and engage more with its client partner. Offering games and prizes is a better way to increase user engagement and activity.

Vada Nutrition

VADE Nutrition

Originally striking a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, VADE Nutrition has grown and seen great success in recent years. The company creates portable, dissolvable protein powder packets. Their goal is to solve the messy pre-and post-workout protein shakes for those with an active lifestyle.


Only Supportomate understands both natural language and human conversation. Supportomate employs conversational linguistics to hold human-like conversations to complete any insurance process — sales, bill-pay, customer support, claims processing, underwriting, credentialing and much more


With KudosHealth, employees have the ability to set their own personal goals based on “KudosPoints” they achieve on a daily or weekly basis. They can choose to set personalized targets at their own levels — the greater the goal set, the greater the number of “KudosCoins” they earn for achieving that goal. Employees can join challenges, compete at different “levels” and create charity fundraising campaigns.



Sympill is helping people manage their medications and supplements in ways that make more sense. This innovative pill dispenser makes tracking and distributing medication easy and efficient.

PROTO Accelerator works to identify and define where problems and opportunities for solutions exist, and to build a symbiotic connection between startups and corporations that both have resources to develop innovations and processes. As we look forward to future PROTO Accelerator cohorts, we will never forget the startups who got us off the ground.