Pure Lansing named #1 in USA for Diversity in Educational Attainment

 A recent report named the Lansing MSA as leading region in the country for quality of education and attainment gap across the nation. The study defines quality of education by public school system rankings, average quality of universities, and the per capita number of enrolled students in top 200 universities. The study, 2015’s Most and Least Educated Cities determined Lansing to have very low gaps in educational attainment between genders and races based on the difference between the percentages of black and white bachelor’s degree holders and between female and male bachelor’s degree holders.

“The Lansing region is a talent magnet,” said Bob Trezise, President and CEO of LEAP. “This continues to draw a picture of a new and emerging, global Lansing.”

Additionally, Lansing was ranked eighth overall in the educated cities study, which examined education level rank based on percentages of the population with various degree levels. The study analyzed data from the US Census Bureau, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, GreatSchools.org and the US News & World Report.

“This serves as further confirmation that Lansing has a large and diverse talent pool of Americans choosing to reside in the region following graduation from high school. It is also a huge testament to the excellence of the area’s education institutions, with Michigan State University and Lansing Community College leading the way,” said Keith Lambert, Tri-County Development Manager at LEAP.


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