Responses to Questions – RFQP Community Development Specialist

1. Is it acceptable for fewer than 6 steering committee meetings to be held if the scope of work is completed in less time (e.g., 6 months instead of 8 months)?

No, our goal is to focus on sustaining organizational capacity. Based on the dynamics of the area, we feel that 6 consecutive months for the steering committee to meet is a necessity in order to be successful with establishing that organization capacity.

2. Is the marketing process and communication plan referenced in the “Expectations of Community Development Specialist” section intended to guide the work completed under this RFP, or is it intended to drive engagement following completion of the scope of work?

The marketing process and communication plan are the baseline for guiding the work into the future.

3. Is LEAP expecting events and/or festivals to be held as part of this project, or for event/festival concepts to be developed but not necessarily implemented?

LEAP expects concept development and depending on timing, facilitation of community events outside of the steering committee meetings.