Seven Accelerators You Should Follow on Social Media

Are you interested in learning more about accelerators? Do you want more information on how the programs actually operate? Immerse yourself in some of the best of them. Follow the organizations below for insights into how they work. From concise advice to detailed videos, these seven accelerators are ones to follow and draw inspiration from.


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Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) welcomes a yearly cohort of start-ups, offering financial modeling, pitch preparation and strategy. Celebrating its sixth year in operation, EAP is the only southern accelerator on this list.

2. 500 STARTUPS | San Francisco, Calif.

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500 Startups offers various accelerator programs across the globe. From the flagship accelerator in San Francisco, the program has expanded to Mexico City, Seoul and beyond. Visit their Youtube channel to hear from industry experts.

3. ANGEL PAD | San Francisco, Calif. and New York City, New York.

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Since 2010, Angel Pad has launched over 150 companies. Every six months, the program accepts a cohort of 15 start-ups and small businesses, focusing on mentorship, funding, community and investors.

4. MUCKERLAB | Santa Monica, Calif.

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Taking a more long-term approach, Muckerlab works with 10 to 12 companies for a full year, or for as long as they are needed. Offering mentorship at all organizational stages, Muckerlab is dedicated to entrepreneur success.

5. FOUNDER INSTITUTE | Chicago, Ill.

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Founder Institute was created to give early-stage start-ups the structure, feedback, and support network necessary for success. Now the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, Founder Institute operates in over 225 cities globally. 

6. STARTX | Palo Alto, Calif.

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Focused on community and long term positive impact, StartX is a non-profit network of over 1200 start-ups, experts and entrepreneurs. StartX believes in achieving more as a group than individuals. 

7. GREEN GARAGE | Detroit, Mich.

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Based in our home state, The Green Garage supports a diverse group of businesses and nonprofits as a coworking community and business incubator. Entering their 8th year in operatio9n, they have always strived to make decisions that are environmentally and community conscious. 

Following these accelerators on social media platforms can expand their reach to support entrepreneurs across the globe. Be sure to follow along with PROTO Accelerator’s next cohort in 2021; check us out on Facebook and Twitter.