Grant Categories

Open June 28-July 30, 2021

Standard grant amounts range from $5,000-$25,000, based on employment level, for the following business types:

  • Retail, Goods and Services (non-food): Traditional retail, goods and services, including shops, boutiques, bookstores, hardware, health & personal care services, exercise facilities, professional services, and other goods and services providers that are not prepared food or drink providers that fall into restaurants/eateries/taverns category.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Service Providers (non-food): Tourism and hospitality service providers and establishments, including event coordination and equipment related, entertainment, lodging & transportation providers & venues
  • Nonprofits (non-government, non-food): libraries, museums, churches, religious centers, philanthropic, social service and advocacy organizations
  • Sole proprietors
  • New businesses opened during the pandemic: Businesses started after Jan 2020.
  • Restaurants/eateries/taverns: restaurants and bars, food trucks, eateries, coffee shops, bakeries, catering, breweries, distilleries, wineries, tea shops, banquet facilities and other food and beverage service providers.

Grant amounts in the following categories will be based on need and available funds:

  • Incubators and Entrepreneurial Support Agencies: facilities and programs that provide private and/or shared working spaces, resources, and a network to help business startups and small businesses find success and grow
  • Child Care, Early Childhood Education and Activity Providers (non-in-home): Childcare, Early Childhood Education & Activity Providers

Future Programs

  • Technical Assistance Succession Planning for Workers and Cooperative Creation
  • Technical Assistance to Restart Closed Businesses
  • Ingham County Economic Development Corporation Revolving Loan Fund

Application Documentation

Application questions, scoring criteria and related processes will be posted prior to application launch.