Tiffany Nordé

Dancing with the Nordés

Classes Offered:

Begginer & Intermidiate Hustle

Tamia Hustle

Chicago Steppin


Hip Hop Cycling

Salsa / Salsa Couples


Located at:

Rock the Block Studio,
1202 S. Washington Ave. Lansing, MI 48910

About Tiffany

Tiffany Nordé is the owner of Dancing with the Nordes, LLC and Rock the Block Studio. This business was created to give working adults a positive outlet to destress from the day and, enjoy the moment by way of good music, good people, and good dancing! They offer dance instruction in the areas of Line-Dancing (also known as hustles), Detroit Style Ballroom, Salsa Dance Class, Zumba, and Cycle (Spin) Classes to R&B and Soul, Neo Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Hip Hop, Afro-beats and Latin Music.

Classes are catered with the beginner in mind, but are welcoming enough for the intermediate or experienced dancer. The studio’s core values that drive business are: Community, Culture & Creativity, and children are welcome! There is a play area just for the kiddos and a TV.


Why Lansing?

My husband and I received jobs here in Lansing that were literally across the street from one another. At the time we were commuting from Grand Rapids and that drive started to wear on us, especially me when we found out that we were expecting our 3rd child. We made the decision to move to Lansing, not realizing that months later we would both be unfairly let go from our jobs. It was a whirlwind— but choosing to become an entrepreneur in the midst of that life storm is what helped me get out of the low place our family was in.

That story is part of why we are still in Lansing, my family and I choose to turn lemons into lemonade. The support of my family continues to allow me to push this vision for my dance studio further. The cool thing is I get to positively create a space for Greater Lansing residents to enjoy, learn, and exercise through dance!