Yolanda Pope



The Dignified Aging Project

About Yolanda

What is your business/idea?

The idea behind The Dignified Aging Project is through advocacy, mentorship and proper training we can build a stronger direct care workforce while also retaining them in the industry. Through education, resource management and intensive care coordination we hope improve healthcare outcomes and increase the quality of life for the aging underserved population.

What inspired you to start a business?

The inspiration for the business came from the professional and personal challenges I experienced first hand in this industry.

How did you get to the point you are today with this business/idea?

I have gotten to this point in my business through some trial and error. I try to take every opportunity to learn and grow from any successes and failures I have experienced throughout this process.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

My ultimate vision for The Dignified Aging Project is to minimize systemic healthcare disparities and create an environment for self advocacy to flourish in vulnerable populations.

What goals do you hope the One and All program will help you achieve?

I am hoping that the One & All program will help me develop a strong infrastructure to help increase the chances of being successful. I am also hoping to get connected to necessary resources that may be available to me.