Zachary Crawford



Business & Place Development, summer semester 2021

About Zachary

Zachary Crawford is a Junior at Michigan State University majoring in Public Policy with a minor in Cities: Environment, Design, & Society. He is from West Bloomfield, Michigan, but considers Lansing to be his “home away from home.”

Growing up in Michigan, Zachary has witnessed the resurgence and new development of many cities including, Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. This led him to his passion for economic development. To him, economic development goes beyond bringing businesses to an area. Economic development is a combination of business growth, the development of community spaces, and bringing people together. This allows for all community members to flourish and thrive economically and socially.

Zachary is looking forward to learning more about the specifics of economic development and city planning and how each relates to public policy. He is excited to help in the resurgence and economic development of Lansing. Following his summer internship at LEAP, he plans to learn more about Public Policy and Urban Planning and use this knowledge towards developing more sustainable and people-oriented communities.