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Public Art for Communities Grant Program

This program, which granted its first $20,000 in 2013, is a program unlike any other. Thus far, 14 grants have been approved resulting in 19 new pieces of public art (including 6 bike racks, 1 mural, and 12 sculptures). The program asks that municipalities adopt a public art policy or community ordinance that addresses elements such as creating an arts commission, creating standards for call for artists and jurying process, as well as liability, and maintenance issues. Once communities have done this, they can apply to be one of the communities that will be awarded $10,000 to place a piece of public art within the public right-of-way in their communities. This program is funded through LEAP general fund as well as through the generous contributions of PNC Foundation. 

Thus far, City of Mason, Dewitt Township, City of Dewitt, Meridian Township, City of St. Johns, City of East Lansing, Delta Township, Delhi Township, City of Grand Ledge, City of Lansing and the City of Charlotte have received funding to put their pieces of art in place through this program.

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