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Elevate is a comprehensive 6-month accelerator program that empowers, refines, enhances, and scales Black businesses. It offers individualized business assessments, customized workplan development, and one-on-one technical assistance.

Kelly West is the Founder and President of The MilesWest Group (MWG), a professional services consultancy firm specializing in supply chain diversity, global mobility design, and business optimization. MWG is a Black and Woman-owned business. Kelly has extensive experience managing enterprise client accounts and directing global operations. She led the Xerox Relocation Outsourced Global Mobility business, with oversight of 9-figure pass-through client spend and management of thousands of suppliers. Kelly has designed innovative supply chain delivery systems for multinational firms, led Global RFP management for Fortune 500 companies, and leveraged supplier relations as a growth strategy for her business and clients. She is a featured panelist at industry conferences, an author of several articles on industry best practices, and has served on industry boards and national conference planning committees. Kelly is a citizen of the world, having lived in Toronto and Madrid, and traveled to every continent (except Antarctica) for work and leisure. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council and is a member of The CEO Connection. Kelly was recognized through President’s Clubs, Meritorious Service Awards, and was recently named one of 2021’s Most Influential Service Providers in the Mobility Industry.

What inspired you to start a business?
Initially, I did not have any plans of starting a business when I returned to the States following a temporary assignment in Canada. However, circumstances changed; my husband lost his vision and my father was diagnosed with cancer. During this challenging time, a former supplier approached me to offer some consulting work while I searched for my next job. I started the company with the intention of it being temporary and providing me with flexibility to be a caregiver. Yet, I discovered that I enjoyed working for myself, and there were ample projects to keep the business going. Today, I find my business so rewarding that I cannot imagine not having it.

What is your vision for the future of your business?
My goal is to expand the business and provide greater opportunities for underrepresented communities. We approach a company’s operations, service delivery, and workforce with a unique DEI perspective, which I believe is crucial in the business world. Over the next five years, I aspire to transform our organization into a mid-market player while significantly boosting the diverse market share of procurement dollars for our diverse supplier partners and their communities.

What goals do you hope the Elevate program will help you achieve?
Although I recently relocated to Michigan during the pandemic, I have yet to establish strong connections with the community and local businesses. I am eager to participate in the Elevate program to cultivate these relationships, expand my business, and receive valuable support and guidance.