Public Art for Communities

Public Art for Communities Grant Program

This program, funded by LEAP and the PNC Foundation, will award two $10,000 grants in 2022 to a tri-county municipality, business or organization to commission, create and install a piece of public art for year-round public display. In order to receive funding, each community must adopt a public art policy. The policy helps communities identify important considerations when investing in public art including maintenance, installation, insurance, etc.

The most successful applicants will identify a key, central, public location that is highly visible or recognizable to a significant and regular flow of foot and car traffic. Beyond visibility, LEAP strives for the public to enjoy the art and feel that the placement greatly enhances the physical aesthetic of its location. Applicants should consider how the community will utilize, interact and feel ownership over the piece. The piece should be specific to the community and its residents.

Definition of Public Art

Public art is a uniquely created piece of physical artwork, such as a sculpture, statue, mural or bike rack that will permanently endure the site, activities and weather. It must not be political or obscene in nature.


  • The request for proposal (RFP) is open to any municipality, business or organization located in Clinton, Eaton or Ingham county.
  • Scoring of applications will be weighted toward LEAP community and business members.
  • Applications must be submitted by a representative of the community’s municipal body acting on behalf of the municipal body.
    • If a neighborhood organization plans to apply, they must partner with and secure a letter of support from their municipal governing body.
    • If a business plans to apply, they must partner with and secure a letter of support from their municipal governing body.
    • Municipal governments will serve as fiduciary agents.
  • Applicants need to show the existence and/or adoption of a public art policy for their community. If not already in existence, the policy must be in progress at the time of the application and adopted by the time the award is made. Two templates of public art policies are available to help guide your policy development:
  • Art pieces must be created by an artist with additional consideration for artists from Michigan and specifically the tri-county region.
  • Ability to complete this project within LEAP’s fiscal year, with an unveiling event taking place prior to October 31, 2022.

Submission Deadline and Application

Applications for the 2022 Public Art for Communities grant period are being accepted until 5:00 PM Friday, May 27, 2022.