Foreign Direct Investment

The Global Lansing Initiative

Foreign Direct Investment Soft Landing Program

LEAP serves as a one-stop shop for foreign-owned companies looking to enter the US market by setting up business operations in the Lansing, Michigan region.  

We are committed to providing a soft landing through a full range of business services, resources and connection points to maximize the likelihood of business success and operational growth in the US.  

As a public-private partnership, we have strong relationships with area companies, educational institutions, workforce development organizations and government leaders to ensure all the pieces are in place to provide a launching pad for US business growth.  

LEAP has a demonstrated track record supporting foreign-owned companies with their US soft landing in the Lansing region. 

Soft Landing Success Stories

Continental Oceans Technology Corporation Logo

Continental Oceans Technology Corporation, a Chinese software technology company building travel advisory and support platform for international travelers that encompasses social media, forum, reviews, and cryptocurrency elements.  

Norm Fasteners, Turkish fastener manufacturer and supplier to Tesla and John Deere. Launched distribution operations in Lansing in 2018 in a 20,000 square foot warehouse space

Janny MT, French AgTech company and manufacturer of controlled atmosphere containers to extend freshness of fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. Launched US operations with a small sales office and research project in Lansing in 2015, launched distribution in Lansing in 2018. 

FDI Projects, 2014-2020


total foreign direct investment


full-time equivalent jobs created

Company NameCountry of OriginYearInvestmentJobs Created
KIRCHHOFF AutomotiveGermany2014$24,000,000285 jobs
JMT USFrance2015$2,500,0002 jobs
Macritchie StorageCanada2016$2,900,000
Dream RodsChina2017$500,0003 jobs
Norm FastenersTurkey2018$1,000,00016 jobs
Glanbia NutritionalsIreland2018$235,000,000259 jobs
MeetFreshTaiwan2019$400,00010 jobs
Beijing EmpyreanChina2019$500,0003 jobs
Continental Oceans Technology Corporation China2020$2,000,000100 jobs

Lansing, Michigan: A Global Community

According to the latest census figures, 7 percent of Michigan residents were born outside of America, the state’s highest percentage of foreign-born residents in more than 50 years. The Lansing region is proud to welcome even greater numbers of foreign-born residents, including 9 percent in the city of Lansing, 16 percent in the city of East Lansing, 17 percent in Meridian Township and 8 percent in Delta Township. The top four countries of origin for Michigan’s immigrants are India, Mexico, Iraq and China.

In fact, ProximityOne data shows that international in-migration is the driving force behind positive in-migration within Clinton, Eaton and Ingham counties. The Lansing School District alone has welcomed students from 73 countries who speak 68 languages, showcasing the growth in our community from across the globe.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University: Lansing’s talent portal to the world

One of the top 150 universities in the world, Michigan State University (MSU) boasts ten No. 1 programs in the United States. These include the Supply Chain Management program, which is also No. 1 worldwide; Nuclear Physics, which was the first program of its kind in the United States; and Packaging.


international students enrolled, 2018

Of MSU’s 50,000+ student body, nearly 8,000 are international students, including:

  • 4,527 from China
  • 440 from the Republic of Korea
  • 375 from India
  • 181 from Saudi Arabia
  • 167 from Taiwan