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Why become a Pure Lansing company? 

Located in the center of the great lakes state is a community where people are committed to living life to the fullest and where business thrives. 

The Lansing region in Michigan offers a range of opportunity.  Incubation and innovation, renowned research capabilities with global connectivity, leading edge employers, incredible talent and abundant resources await you.  If your business is ready to make the connection to great things in a great place, we invite you to choose Pure Lansing.

Located in south-central Michigan, and within a two-hour drive of 90% of the state’s population, the Greater Lansing area offers easy access to the Midwest—and the world!—and is one of the region’s most affordable places to work and live.

Historically a hub for industry, academia and government, Lansing has broadened its horizons and is now a leader in a wide variety of categories including being a hub for insurance company national headquarters, information technology and nuclear physics.  We offer a diverse, well-educated and growing population, plus ready access to one of the world’s premier education resources: Michigan State University. Add in excellent healthcare and K-12 education, plus affordable housing and a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities, and a Greater Lansing location makes sense for your business and your employees. 

For information regarding Labor, Population, Housing, and Educational Attainment, please visit the menu to the left. If you would like a more detailed overview report of the Lansing region, please visit LEAP's GIS Portal

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