Show us our community through your eyes

When was the moment you truly fell in love with #LoveLansing? The moment you began to call this place home. Maybe it was experiencing one of the world’s top 25 coolest film festivals (MovieMaker Magazine), visiting Cooley Law School Stadium for a Lansing Lugnuts game or checking out the local art scene at Old Town’s Arts Night Out.  It might have been simply enjoying the miles of beautiful river trail that stretch throughout downtown Lansing and into Michigan State University’s campus.We want to know what makes this community special to you, and why you’re proud to call it home.

Get Involved!

Show us the region through your eyes using #MiLansing and our custom photo frames for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to make your #MiLansing post public so we can share it and encourage your friends, family, coworkers and business partners to do the same.

Submit your #MiLansing using the form below to be included in our monthly roundup newsletter and on our website. Follow @purelansing on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the most updated information on the campaign, including Snapchat geofilters and community profiles!

Writing a Great Post

#MiLansing hinges on strong imagery supported by concise, personal text. Some things to keep in mind when sharing your #MiLansing are:

  • Brevity. Sharing your story in 3-5 sentences on Facebook and Instagram, 280 characters or less on Twitter is key to keeping people focused. Social media is all about fast-moving, easily-digestible content.
  • Personality. #MiLansing is all about showing the region through your eyes, so get personal! Show us the places and experiences that have shaped your time here and hold a special place in your heart.
  • Sharing. Use #MiLansing when sharing your posts, and make sure they’re public so we can see them and share them on our social media!


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  • Downloadable photo frames for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
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