Financing and Incentives

Business and Development Financing and Incentives for the Lansing Region

Business incentives are available to new, expanding and relocating companies in a wide variety of categories. The LEAP team has a wealth of experience and knowledge of business benefits and savings at every level, and will connect you with the incentive programs that are right for you.

Most-Used Incentives

Business Development ProgramStateMichigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)Performance-based cash grant and/or loan for competitive projects that create jobs and/or provide investment. Average grant award is approximately $5,000 per job created, depending on numerous factors.Grant and/or LoanBusinessIndustry Growth, Workforce Development
Community Revitalization ProgramStateMEDCPerformance-based grant or loan gap financing for community revitalization projects that redevelop and revitalize brownfield / historic preservation sites located in traditional downtowns or high-impact corridors.Grant and/or LoanDeveloperPlace-based Development
Core Community Brownfield Tax Increment Financing (TIF)*LocalCore CommunitiesReimbursement financing through incremental tax capture for a broader array of eligible improvements made by project developer, including site preparation, demolition, utilities and nearby public infrastructure, in addition to environmental remediation. ReimbursementBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
EPA Brownfield Assessment GrantRegionalLansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)Property owners and developers can apply for EPA brownfield assessment grant dollars through the Lansing Regional Brownfields Coalition. Projects are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis. The Project Intake Form can be found here.GrantBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development, Workforce Development
Industrial Facilities Exemption (PA 198)LocalLocal MunicipalityLocal real and/or personal property tax abatement of approximately 50% for up to 12 years that encourages manufacturers and high-technology operations to build new plants, expand existing plants, renovate aging plants or add new machinery and equipment. Tax AbatementBusinessIndustry Growth
New Personal Property Exemption (PA 328)LocalCore CommunitiesUp to 100% tax exemption on new personal property investment made by eligible businesses located within eligible distressed communities. Local unit of government and business negotiate length of abatement, subject to State Tax Commission approval. Tax AbatementBusinessIndustry Growth
Jobs Ready MichiganStateMEDCA flexible and responsive grant program to address specific talent recruitment and training needs for high-demand, high-wage or high-skill occupations. Average grant award is approximately $5,000 per job created, depending on numerous factors. GrantBusinessIndustry Growth, Workforce Development
Michigan New Jobs Training ProgramStateMichigan Department of TreasuryAllocates state income tax dollars (up to 4.25% withholding) earned by net new employees at 175% or above of the minimum wage into a training fund (hosted by Lansing Community College) to be used for training as company sees fit for the new (and some existing) employees.ProgrammingBusinessIndustry Growth, Workforce Development
Capital Area Michigan Works! (CAMW!)RegionalCAMW!Comprehensive assistance for recruitment, retention, and training through Talent Services (workforce needs assessment; talent recruitment plan; candidate review services; labor market information/analysis; network collaboration), and Training Support (educational institution partnerships for credentials, up to $5,000/ trainee; on-the-job training, up to 50% reimbursement). Programming, ReimbursmentBusinessWorkforce Development
Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Act (OPRA) (PA 146)LocalCore CommunitiesA tax incentive that freezes local taxes and exempts all new real property improvements for up to 12 years to encourage the redevelopment of obsolete buildings in core communities.Tax AbatementBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Commercial Rehabilitation Act (PA 210)LocalLocal MunicipalityA tax incentive that freezes local taxes and exempts new investment from local taxes for up to 10 years for commercial rehabilitation projects within an approved Commercial Rehabilitation District.Tax AbatementBusinessIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Standard Brownfield Tax Increment Financing (TIF)*LocalLocal MunicipalityReimbursement financing through incremental tax capture for certain improvements completed by project developer, such as environmental assessment, cleanup and remediation. ReimbursementBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing**RegionalLean & Green MISpecial financing program using a property assessment to function as a long term, low interest loan for eligible energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy investment. Viability and value will be site-dependent upon the current energy efficiency and the intended building upgrades and property improvements.LoanBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Community Block Development GrantStateMEDCHUD funding for a variety of economic and community development and housing projects in jurisdictions with populations less than 50,000. Projects must benefit persons of low-to-moderate income, prevent or eliminate blight, or meet an urgent need. Grant and/or LoanBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development, Workforce Development
Michigan Department of Agriculture & Development (MDARD)StateMDARDMDARD offers support for food-system related investment projects through its Food and Agriculture Investment Fund and its Value Added & Regional Food Systems Grant program.GrantBusinessIndustry Growth, Workforce Development
Transportation Economic Development FundStateMDOTMDOT offers its Transportation Economic Development Fund for immediate highway needs related to a variety of economic development issues. Funds are available to state, county and city road agencies. GrantBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Michigan Department of Envrionment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE)StateEGLEEGLE offers numerous grants and loans to enhance environmental quality, such as the Brownfield Redevelopment Grant, Small Business Pollution Prevention Revolving Loan, and numerous Energy Sponsorships, Incentives, Grants and Loans. Grant and/or LoanBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Opportunity ZonesSpecial DistrictContact LEAP for more informationThe Lansing region consists of 11 opportunity zones, which provide tax incentives for long-term capital gain investments made into economically distressed communities. Tax IncentiveBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
New Market Tax CreditSpecial DistrictContact LEAP for more informationTax incentive encouraging investment of private capital into low-income communities by permitting investors to receive a tax credit against their federal income tax in exchange for making equity investments in specialized financial intermediaries called Community Development Entities (CDEs).Tax IncentiveBusiness, DeveloperIndustry Growth, Place-based Development
Port Lansing Next Michigan Development Corporation (NMDC)Special DistrictContact LEAP for more informationAn interlocal agreement affording unique tax incentives and economic opportunities, such as Renaissance Zones, to businesses that use multi-modal transportation in supply or production chains. Port Lansing NMDC is based at Capital Region International Airport, which is home to the Port Lansing Global Logistics Center. Tax IncentiveBusinessIndustry Growth
Lansing Regional SmartZoneSpecial DistrictContact LEAP for more informationA cooperative effort between the MEDC, Lansing, East Lansing, Michigan State University and Ingham County to stimulate growth of technology-based business in the Lansing region. The SmartZone offers support services to empower entrepreneurs to build successful technology businesses. ProgrammingBusinessIndustry Growth, Workforce Development
Going PRO Talent FundStateMichigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity (LEO), CAMW!Competitive grant assisting employers with training and retaining current and newly hired employees. Eligible training includes customized classroom training (up to $1,500/participant), on-the-job training (up to $1,500/new employee), and apprenticeships (up to $3,000/apprentice). *Program is not guaranteed to be funded from year-to-year. GrantBusinessWorkforce Development

† In June of 2000, the State of Michigan initiated an effort to spur private development in its urban communities and traditional centers of commerce. The incentives, unique to Core Communities, target critical needs of older communities through new housing development, redevelopment of obsolete facilities and development of contaminated properties.

Core Communities include the cities of:

  • Lansing
  • East Lansing
  • St. Johns
  • Mason
  • Charlotte

*State brownfield financing is available

**Eaton and Ingham counties only