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Clinton County is a picturesque county blending rural charm with urban convenience. With scenic landscapes, parks, and rivers, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like hiking and fishing. Clinton County offers a peaceful and lively environment in the heart of Michigan.

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Jaclyn Hutchison
Economic Development Manager
Office Hours


3rd Tuesday of each month
1 PM – 5 PM


Clinton County Courthouse
Conference Room C, first floor across from the City of St. John’s office.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

LEAP Annual Report

LEAP Annual Report

Read about how LEAP helped drive $3.2B in private investment and more than 2,000 direct jobs to the Lansing Region in 2022 by supporting entrepreneurs, building vibrate places, and attracting largescale transformative developments in LEAP’s 2022 annual report Brick and Mortar: People Building Prosperity in Lansing, MI.

LEAP annual report cover showing union workers raising a beam at the Ultium Cells plant in Delta Twp/Lansing.

Clinton County has contracted with the Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) for the administration of economic development services.

How We Can Help Businesses

  • Help find applicable financing and incentives for businesses
  • Connect entrepreneurs to free business development resources
  • Assist is site selection to find the perfect property for businesses
  • Aid in collaborating with local utility service providers and the municipality
What is an Economic Profile Report?

An economic profile report provides data on the economic conditions, characteristics, and trends of a specific area. Access to this report helps business owners make informed decisions and adapt their strategies for success in Clinton County’s market. Our report includes:

  • Labor force composition: Details about the workforce in the area, such as employment levels, occupational structure, educational attainment, and skills distribution. It helps identify the available pool of workers and their qualifications.
  • Demographic indicators: Demographic data presents information about the population in the area, including age distribution, gender breakdown, household size, and income levels. These indicators help businesses understand the local market and its potential customer base.
  • Industry analysis: This section focuses on the major industries and sectors within the area, highlighting their contribution to the local economy, employment levels, key players, and growth prospects. It enables businesses to assess the overall economic health and stability of the area.
  • Consumer spending habits: This segment provides insights into how residents in the area allocate their income across different categories, such as housing, transportation, food, recreation, and retail. It helps businesses understand consumer behavior and tailor their offerings to meet local demands.
  • Infrastructure and transportation: This section focuses on the area’s transportation networks and logistics capabilities. It helps businesses assess the accessibility, connectivity, and logistics support available in the area.
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