Claire Powers



Becoming Heroic

About Claire

Heroic Mama was founded in 2020 by Claire Powers. She is a Lansing resident, a mindset and performance coach for visionary moms, and a passionate social activist.

The inspiration for Heroic Mama came from her own harrowing battle with postpartum depression and anxiety, where she learned to use her knowledge of health and wellness to heal her mind, body and soul in the middle of the demands and chaos of early motherhood. From her experience, she believes there is a gap between the information shared about health and wellness and the reality of the demands of motherhood. It is her goal to build the Heroic Mama platform to close that gap and bring personal development for moms from a mom to the world.

Since March, Claire has competed in over 15 local pitch competitions and with each opportunity to speak about her business, she has refined her vision and business plan for Heroic Mama. Her vision is for Heroic Mama to become the go-to resource to empower every mom in the world to wake up each morning excited and energized to lead their lives with courage, confidence and love. Claire is eager to learn the “nuts-and-bolts” of running a successful business, from accounting to marketing and everything in between, during the One&All initiative.