Melik Brown

Metro Melik Headshot


Founder, Lansing Made

About Melik

Melik Brown as those that know him to see him. He loves his partner in life. He is inspired by his four kids. Metro Melik is one who loved Lansing long before it was a hashtag.

A resident of Metro Lansing is less than accurate. Melik is more of a purposeful participant of Metro Lansing. Whether through hosting and producing a television show, producing hip hop shows, emceeing events, volunteering, or lending a helping hand to an individual he is always looking to help uplift what he calls home.

The many hats of Melik include the founder of Lansing Made, storyteller, award-winning mixologist, community activist, promoter of the positive, animal and people charmer, baby whisperer, motorcycle enthusiast, artist, photographer, lyricist, bourbon and bacon connoisseur, and humorist all the while being refreshingly unapologetic.

Some would even describe him as a devilishly handsome man.

Melik’s character and professionalism make him an incredible asset to organizations looking for a unique way to share their vision with their prospective audience. He creates experiences that both motivate and engage his audience. Whether setting a table for four or forty thousand- Melik Brown’s your go-to guy.

An advocate for this region, Melik is pragmatic, passionate, dedicated, and hard-working. Melik has a rare combination of old-school ethics and modern-day sensibilities.