Juliette’s Favorite Coffee Shops

Juliette’s Favorite Coffee Shops

#LEAPActivator Juliette Givhan spills the beans on her favorite coffee shops in the Lansing Region. 

Blue Owl
Blue Owl, specifically the REO Town location, will always hold a special place in my heart as the place that supplied both caffeine and ambience during my undergrad studies.  I used to be a frequent flyer at Blue Owl and now that I work up the street from it… that hasn’t changed. This spot is a great place to work remotely, build community, and has the best espresso in the game.  

Chateau Coffee Co 
Chateau is a new shop to the region, and I love that it offers both food and coffee flights. This is the place I find myself going to consistently to work remote, because it is quiet on weekdays and the staff are always friendly.  A great place for dessert, sandwiches, and specialty drinks, this café has fun with its flavors— featuring several rotational lattes that fit themes from Halloween, to Valentine’s Day. 

Strange Matter
Strange Matter has the best pastries out of any coffee shop. Hands down. They make their donuts in house and have several exciting and unique flavors. The East Side location is known for being busy, but I always walk away with a sweet treat. Want the same fare but a little less people? Try the downtown location!  

What can I say, I’m hooked on this store. Books meet coffee in this new addition to the greater Frandor shopping center. Hooked is unique in that it is both a bookstore and coffee shop that ALSO serves charcuterie boards and wine. From their fun events, book clubs, and versatile menu, Hooked is a great place to go when you have enough time to browse their books and snack on a board with friends.  

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