Interning at LEAP

Intern with LEAP

LEAP’s internship program is designed to give post-secondary students and recent graduates meaningful, project-based experience in the field of economic development.

Each LEAP department will have the opportunity to hire one unpaid intern per academic semester: fall (September-December), spring/winter (January-May) and summer (June-August).

While each department should identify one or more projects or initiatives with suitable work for an intern, projects will ultimately be decided between the department and the intern to ensure mutual benefit.

In addition to project work, interns will complete bi-weekly check ins with LEAP’s director of operations, complete monthly blog posts on LEAP’s website and be invited to attend LEAP staff and board meetings.

Following successful completion of a LEAP internship, interns will present their project work and/or research findings to LEAP staff.

Meet the Interns

Amanda Miner
Marketing Intern
Applications for spring semester 2021 (January-May) will become available on October 4, 2020.

Spring Semester 2021 (January-May) Timeline

  • October 4: Applications become available for spring semester 2021 internships
  • November 6: Applications close; review begins
  • November 16-30: Interviews with selected candidates
  • December 2: Spring semester 2021 interns selected